Stress as a potential cause of dermatographia

You will definitely notice more issues with dermatographia when you are stressed. When the body is under a tremendous amount of stress, it response by releasing cortisol and other chemicals. Much like my experimentation with my diet, I have experimented with different types of stress management techniques.

One thing I discovered is a stress management app that will allow you to better understand and manage your stress. It’s incredibly powerful and will show you when you are stress and guide you into calm meditations. By immersing yourself in soothing situations, you can reduce the urge to itch and scratch during flare ups. Be sure to have a few cold ice packs handy to calm the swelling. I also love using stress balls as a way to divert my intention from itching.

The worst my dermatographia has ever been, was at a time when my diet was horrible, my stress was high, and I had never researched dermatographia or skin conditions. In life, knowledge is generally power. And in the case of your skin, understanding how your respond to stress can make all the difference.

Everyone’s skin responds to stress differently. Some people can be incredibly stressed and show less physical symptoms than others. I know some with dermatographia that get flare ups within minutes of being introduced into a stressful situation.

Since dermatographia is by nature and immune system response, it makes sense that when your body senses attack a.k.a. stress it will respond with increased inflammation.