Impact of diet on inflammation and hives

I have found that one of the most powerful tools to combat dermatographia is your diet. What you eat can have a major effect on how your body responds to inflammation. And the reality is that we are constantly eating food and drinking things that can either make our symptoms better or worse. That is why I focused on cleaning my body of any toxins right away with a juice cleanse. These types of diets worked really well for me and there were moments where I almost forgot about my symptoms.

The most frustrating years I had with dermatographia are the years that I ate and drank anything that I wanted. There were moments where I was so depressed because I would eat a meal and then find myself itching my body for hours and hours afterwards. I would almost cry at times out of hopelessness until I grabbed a cold pack to stop the swelling.

I am not saying that your diet can cure your dermatographia. But what I am saying, is that for most people, diet does have an effect on either increasing or decreasing their dermatographia. And once I started trying different things with my diet, I started feeling more hope.